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    URL Search Engine
    URL Search Engine : It searches a Text database file for one or more keywords input by the user and displays all the URLs that match the Search Query. This script can be modified for custom applications, and it doesn't just have to be URL search engine. It can also be used for searching virtually any type of text database... recipes, phone numbers, car dealers etc.

    Platform(s): N/A BSP; - Updated: 08/06/2005

    Amazon : Copyleft 2005 - Nathan E. PralleDESCRIPTION: This utility is used for looking up a book's title, author, subject, keyword, whatever and then listing the titles and authors and creating a link to that book with the referral Associate ID embedded. SYNTAX: perl place keywords here (no quotes required)REQUIRED: Net::Amazon module

    Platform(s): LINUX BSP; - Updated: 08/06/2005

    Chatologica MetaSearch
    Chatologica MetaSearch : With this perl script you can start a metasearch service from your own web-site. Everything is controled through a comprehensive Admin Panel. Supports mod_perl, FastCGI, gzip http compression. It does not require perl's LWP module. You can add more search engines to your metacrawler by making add-on modules. An intuitive module building utility is available within this software. Main features: results clustering, output results as xml feed, http proxies support, charset control for each category, multiple metasearch queries with one request and a special bonus offer for paying customers.

    Platform(s): LINUX; BSP; WINDOWS; BSD - Updated: 08/06/2005

    Extreme Amazon Search Engine
    Extreme Amazon Search Engine : You can search through books, computers, and more! Your visitor stays on your site right up until they pay at The engine is template driven and very easy to use.

    Platform(s): LINUX; BSP; FREEBSD - Updated: 08/06/2005

    Web Secretary
    Web Secretary : Web Secretary is a web page monitoring software. However, it goes beyond the normal functionalities offered by such software. Not only does it detect changes based on content analysis (instead of date/time stamp or simple textual comparison), it will email the changed page to you with the new contents highlighted. Web Secretary is written in Perl and should be able to run on all Unix systems with the Perl interpreter (and LWP module) installed.

    Platform(s): UNIX; BSP; WINDOWS - Updated: 08/06/2005

    iuCrawler : Set a starting point and let iuCrawler do the rest. Retrieve information from websites, build databases quickly, accurately and as often as you require. Completely customizable with html templates. Seperate spider and crawler for maximum performance and ease of use. Export your data to all popular formats including My SQL, PostgreSQL, MS Excel and more.

    Platform(s): UNIX; BSP; LINUX; - Updated: 08/06/2005

    Harvest-NG : Harvest-NG is a collection of Perl modules and scripts which provide a powerful web crawling and summarizing agent. The code is aimed at providing an open source, standards compliant, tool for fetching content from a wide variety of information sources, summarising it into a set of resource descriptions, and storing these in an easily accessible database from which search services can be built and statistical information compiled.

    Platform(s): N/A BSP; - Updated: 08/06/2005

    Internet Spy (i-spy)
    Internet Spy (i-spy) : For e-mail reports, you may request plain text or HTML. I-Spy logs its activity as it chugs along. You may specify the logdirectory, or I-Spy will try to find one automatically. For web page reports, I-Spy will attempt to store the log in such a place where it may be referenced by the report and served by the web server.

    Platform(s): N/A BSP; - Updated: 08/06/2005

    WebAwk : This is a proof-of-concept of a tool to automate web browsing / data collection. It works like AWK except that instead of working on files and lines it works on HTML pages and hyperlinks. It is meant to be run as a command line script and includes base_url - the URL the script was initially invoked on, base_path - root of saved data tree, url - current URL being processed, linked_from - parent of current URL, and content - the actual data corresponding to the current URL.

    Platform(s): N/A BSP; - Updated: 08/06/2005

    Kaimoon Search engine
    Kaimoon Search engine : Support for permanent updates, customizable ranking formulas, templates, duplicate filter, multiple domains, multidepth boolean queries, robots exclusion support, and much more.It's free for noncommercial websites.

    Platform(s): LINUX; BSP; FREEBSD; - Updated: 08/06/2005

    Searching Listings
    Total:  32Displaying: 1 - 10Pages: 1 2 3 4 >>

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