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    Web Hosting Tools Listings
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    ServerTester : ServerTester is a simple yet very powerful tool that tells you more than what your hosting service has told you about the server's settings. You can view in real time your server's hardware, software, version, Perl, installed perl modules, the real path to your files, the location of Date/Time, sendmail, whois, PGP, tar, gunzip, gzip, sh, etc. The latest version includes a Help manual in French.

    Platform(s): N/A BSP; - Updated: 08/06/2005

    Free Homepage System (FHS)
    Free Homepage System (FHS) : If you want "" and "" to be part of this system, you can offer "" and "" in the same free hosting system.Allows users FTP access with powerful security. Users will not be able to access anything except there own directory (chroot).You can use domains for this system that are already in use!Let's say "". You can keep that domain doing what it does and still use it for your free hosting system. All requests for "" and "" will go where they have always gone. But requests for "" and "" etc. will go to your free hosting system, thus allowing you to add more domains to your Free Hosting System.

    Platform(s): LINUX; BSP; FREEBSD - Updated: 08/06/2005

    CubeForum : This unique forum (board) system is based on the principals of performance, portability, security and easy-use.Our forum includes all known functionalities of the modern web-forum system, and even much more!Also, it additionally provides a great performance, - what is absolutely impossible for any existing Perl/PHP/ASP/ASP.NET solutions.Our main advantages compared to the most functional existing now a days forum systems:1. We do not use the ASP, PHP or Perl support. We do not need any other multiple negative-influencing technologies on portability and productivity2. We do not require an external database. We offer the database which is strictly oriented on our forum tasks. In reference to it, our database guarantees the maximal productivity and portability 3. Our forum is written using C++, and its source is closed. It excludes any possibility to crack our system4. Our forum system is a commercial product. In reference to it, we are very interested in its development and improvement. Our technical support is to help you in solving any possible problem within 24 hoursPlease, note that it is installed on our site and you can try it right now.

    Platform(s): WINDOWS BSP; - Updated: 08/06/2005

    Web Host Billing Script
    Web Host Billing Script : Web Host is a great little script for billing your hosting clients. Includes user password, account set up and monthly, quarterly, semi and annual billing. Also includes Auto Billing and PayPal and all credit card gateway inclusions.

    Platform(s): LINUX; BSP; WINDOWS; BSD - Updated: 08/06/2005's whois client's whois client : Some of the features: WHOIS query tool for all TLDs and IP addresses; brainstorm domains using a combination of up to three strings; look for variations of an (already registered) domain name; fraud prevention; domain bookmarking (ideally for webhosters and domain registries); recording of queried domains; and much more ! Please visit our website for detailed information.

    Platform(s): LINUX; BSP; WINDOWS; BSD - Updated: 08/06/2005

    SunnyScript's ServerCheck
    SunnyScript's ServerCheck : Some of the features: Unlimited number of resources to check; http, https, ftp, pop3 protocols as well as all socket connections supported; schedulable; custom preferences for each resource; notifications also sent to cell phones and pagers; live testing of resources; history and performance ratings; and much more ! Please visit our website for detailed information.

    Platform(s): LINUX; BSP; WINDOWS; BSD - Updated: 08/06/2005

    EasyHost Free
    EasyHost Free : After a simple installation your website is instantly turned into a free web hosting service with automated sign-ups, secure file manager, ability to limit disk space, customizable appearance, automated software updates and more.

    Platform(s): LINUX; BSP; WINDOWS; BSD - Updated: 08/06/2005

    Thumper II - Web Portal
    Thumper II - Web Portal : Thumper II provides an entire Web Community. Comes with Chat Rooms, Message Boards, IM Tool, Photo Gallery plus more. Visitors may have their own web pages created for them. All features are customizable. Easy to install and PCShoals will support you throughout the process. Will install on our servers for a test period or on a permanent basis. Money back if not satisfied (see our page for detailed info). We will not leave you in a learch.

    Platform(s): LINUX; BSP; WINDOWS NG - Updated: 08/06/2005

    Custom Plan Generator
    Custom Plan Generator : Custom Plan Generator provides potential clients with a tool to select the amount of services they desire, such as a certain amount of bandwidth per month, and disk space, along with email addresses, subdomains, etc, and then calculates a custom quote on these services based on a pricing structure you provide. Supports sales tax additions to the final price, along with the ability to specify of 'Unlimited' services are offered such as 'Unlimited Emails'.

    Platform(s): UNIX BSP; - Updated: 08/06/2005

    EasyHost : Complex system to organize your own free hosting service with ads support. Full server management, including DB management. Software has so much features that its impossible to put it all here. Please check out our software page and read more about it. Software written in C/Perl combo.

    Platform(s): LINUX; BSP; FREEBSD - Updated: 08/06/2005

    Web Hosting Tools Listings
    Total:  13Displaying: 1 - 10Pages: 1 2 >>

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