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  • Home : Testing : Design Modeling : Design and Implementation of Database Powered Web Systems - Experiences from the DEMETER Project
    Design and Implementation of Database Powered Web Systems - Experiences from the DEMETER ProjectHits: 788

    Description: A novel design and implementation technique for Web-based distributed information systems is introduced. Using a state machine model, a database powered Web application prototype has been successfully implemented. It is a Europe-wide product marketing system for rural areas funded by the European Commission, and is currently in the pilot phase. These experiences have led us to the development of framework tools to close the semantic gap between distributed databases and the Web browser as standard user interface. The key idea is to create a design language to describe the user interface layout, the functionality and the database transactions in a homogenous way. Author(s) : Karl M. Goeschka

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    Date Added:10/08/2005
    Last Updated:10/08/2005

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