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    E-Commerce Listings
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    Winter Rental Search Box
    Winter Rental Search Box : Allow your users to search for winter rental equipment worldwide using the data, the script is small, free and easy to implement. The Winter Rental Search Box is a great tool to offer on your winter/sports related website.

    Platform(s): ALL BSP; - Updated: 10/21/2005

    WishCast Wizard Universal Gift Registry
    WishCast Wizard Universal Gift Registry : This script provides anyone, particularly small-to mid-size retailers and their Web developers, with an easy way to add universal wish list or gift registry functionality to any Web site or online store, literally placing an ""add to wish list"" button next to any ""buy"" button or product listing. Once this button has been selected, the script opens an HTML-based interface to the Stepcast universal network, passing item attributes and contact details to a centralized server. The end result is that the customer has a universal wish list that works across multiple retail sites, and the retailer has a service that can drive additional sales, attract new users, reduce product returns, and improve customer service. This script is available for free until November 30, 2001.

    Platform(s): N/A BSP;" - Updated: 10/21/2005

    VAT & Sales Tax Calculator
    VAT & Sales Tax Calculator : This script adds a fixed percentage to an order total depending on which option is selected from a menu. The script could also be used to add any percentage to any figure in a form (shipping, sales tax etc) dependent on what is selected in the menu. It is intended for European VAT registered companies who need to add VAT only if a customer comes from within Europe. If the customer chooses ""in europe"" VAT is added to the total, if they choose ""outside europe"" the VAT is not added. The script rounds the final amount to 2 decimal places except where there is only one decimal place where it returns inthe format xx.x (most payment processors accept this as a final sale amount). To change the VAT rate just edit the values in the VAT menu box. The onClick event handler would be added to the submit button of any form the script was added to.

    Platform(s): N/A BSP;" - Updated: 10/21/2005

    Revolving Door for Mercantec SoftCart
    Revolving Door for Mercantec SoftCart : A package of two scripts that work great together. Simply add the Revolving Door script to the top of your HTML code on all your Non-SoftCart pages. Then add this modified version of the popular Side Door script to your SoftCart templates and regenerate your store. Users will then be able to enter your store, fill up their cart, browse the rest of your site, then return to your store and complete their order with all cart contents intact. The Side Door portion of this script adds additional functionality to keep it from destroying your cartID when users return to your store pages. Not for use on dynamic sites that already pass url parameters from page to page outside the store, but could easily be modified for use on such sites.

    Platform(s): JAVASCRIPT BSP; 1.2 - Updated: 10/21/2005

    Javascript Shoppingcart
    Javascript Shoppingcart : The .zip file includes the demo. The latest version has been translated to english, and includes some documentation. CSS is also used now, but can easily be removed. Still, this demo does work with Netscape 4 and IE 5.0.

    Platform(s): IE; BSP; NETSCAPE ; NBSP - Updated: 10/21/2005

    NOP free cart
    NOP free cart : Have you ever wanted to put up a simple store front, but not had CGI access to do it, or wish to lower your server overhead? Then this free JavaScript shopping cart is exactly what you need. Every browser supports JavaScript these days, and with the use of NOSCRIPT tags, those very few who have turned it off are alerted to re-enable it during the duration of their shopping experience. Also features the ability to have your products on many pages -- you do not have to have all of your products on one page, like so many of the other solutions. All that is required is pasting in the source code on every page that you can purchase products from, and on the final checkout page.

    Platform(s): N/A BSP; - Updated: 10/21/2005

    Fast eCART Shopping Cart
    Fast eCART Shopping Cart : eCommerce Solution for people that want to start a website to sell products or services online, and collect their money via Paypal. Complete shopping cart solution written in Java Script. compatible all HTML editors. The cart will calculate the total order from the customer. Start selling your products online immediately. Your Shoppers can pay directly to your Paypal Account by using VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX. Application creates all javascript/html for you, no need to know javascript.

    Platform(s): WINDOWS BSP; 95/98/NT/2000/XP - Updated: 10/21/2005

    Free Advanced Shopping Cart
    Free Advanced Shopping Cart : A full featured shopping cart with credit card processing support, email confirmation, support for English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Finnish, German, Brazilian, Swedish and Italian. Multiple currencies, tax, shipping and full multi-page cart installation. No CGI required - will run on any web service. Free support forum, downloadable demo site. Perl/PHP support optional if available.

    Platform(s): JAVASCRIPT BSP; - Updated: 10/21/2005

    Function Library for PayPal Shopping Carts
    Function Library for PayPal Shopping Carts : This library of functions is helpful for setting up a free shopping cart solution using the PayPal shopping cart feature. See for more info about how to use their shopping cart. The functions will allow for adding a product to a shopping cart either by link or by an HTML form.

    Platform(s): UNIX; BSP; WINDOWS; - Updated: 10/21/2005

    Innovate electronic catalogue and shop system
    Innovate electronic catalogue and shop system : InnoCat comes with an example perl script which can be used to process orders, writing orders to a file on the server and/ or sending a confirmation mail to both buyer and seller.Features:*Sell thousands of unique items on-line*Built in search engine with sortable columns*Easily restyled to fit into your web design*Comma seperated catalogue - no database required.*Simple installation - just upload and go!

    Platform(s): UNIX; BSP; WIN - Updated: 10/21/2005

    E-Commerce Listings
    Total:  12Displaying: 1 - 10Pages: 1 2 >>

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