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    XML and JavaScript Listings
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    Who's Who?
    Who's Who? : An XML and JavaScript database to list company / organization employee data including photographs. The XML file provides easy updating, while the JavaScript allows rapid client-side name and department data sorting. Ideal for an intranet. Works in IE6, Netscape 6+, Mozilla, and Firefox browsers.

    Platform(s): WINDOWS BSP; - Updated: 10/21/2005

    XML for SCRIPT
    XML for SCRIPT : XML for SCRIPT is a powerful, standards-compliant JavaScript XML parser that is designed to help web application designers implement cross platform applications that take advantage of client-side manipulation of XML data. XML for SCRIPT provides a full suite of tools, including a standards-compliant W3C DOM Level 2 Processor, a standards-compliant SAX processor, a simple (classic) DOM processor, proxies for XML retrieval from any domain and utilities for XML and application development.

    Platform(s): LINUX; BSP; UNIX; NBSP; OSX - Updated: 10/21/2005

    XML Ticker
    XML Ticker : This is an XML based JavaScript Ticker that can tick any number of messages. One of the beneifts of using XML is seperation of content from presentation- the contents for this ticker resides in a seperate file. This script currently works only in IE, degrading well with the rest.

    Platform(s): N/A BSP; - Updated: 10/21/2005

    Photo Search
    Photo Search :

    Platform(s): LINUX; BSP; WINDOWS; BSD - Updated: 10/21/2005

    RSS to JavaScript Converter
    RSS to JavaScript Converter : This tool is designed to quickly convert an RSS feed into Javascript for display on your webpage. No programming skills are needed. Simply enter the URL of your newsfeed, then the RSS to Javascript converter will produce a snippet for inclusion in your website. Unlike, no linkback is required!

    Platform(s): LINUX; BSP; WINDOWS; BSD - Updated: 10/21/2005

    RSSTools : This simple RSS Reader is just an example to display the capabilities of JavaScript and DHTML to implement a decent RSS Solution.

    Platform(s): UNIX; WIN BSP; ALL - Updated: 10/21/2005

    jaxWidgets : Who is jax for?jax is aimed primarily at web designer/developers with a strong focus on minimising the programming required while still providing advanced functionality offered by javascript code.How does jax work?jax defines a set of custom tags for each widget (ASP.NET style). All the designer needs to do is include the widget code (and core components) needed through script src's tags and place the corresponding tag for the widget into a normal XHTML page. jax handles the processing of all custom tags and UI actions.

    Platform(s): LINUX; BSP; WINDOWS; BSD - Updated: 10/21/2005

    Load Xml Document Method
    Load Xml Document Method : Cross-platform JavaScript method for loading external XML files

    Platform(s): IE BSP; 5.0+/WIN AND NBSP; BROWSERS - Updated: 10/21/2005

    MyNote : Until now you have probably emailed such stuff to yourself. But isn't it a bit bothersome to login to that webmail? MyNote allows you to save small notes to yourself, all you have to do is come up with a name for your note and start typing!

    Platform(s): N/A BSP; - Updated: 10/21/2005

    Dynamic Form Loader
    Dynamic Form Loader : This is a dynamic form loader that uses asynchronous javascript and XML (AJAX) to quickly load data from the server wthout a round-trip. This makes the user experience much better, with faster loading.

    Platform(s): LINUX; BSP; WINDOWS; BSD - Updated: 10/21/2005

    XML and JavaScript Listings
    Total:  18Displaying: 1 - 10Pages: 1 2 >>

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