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    IP address and resolution check script
    This script checks user's IP address and screen resolution instantly. Sometimes, users need to find out their IP address and screen resolution instantly; as a result, this kind of website will have potential to become a high traffic, big website. The operation of it is similar to which was sold at a high price. If you install it with a easy-to-remember domain, target your advertisements, and market it correctly, the revenue generating potential is great. FEATURES: 1/ Checks IP address and screen resolution instantly. 2/ No database is required. 3/ No configuration is required. 4/ Easy customize with existing content of website. 5/ Just upload the files and go, simple and easy to install.

    Price: $6.99 - Platform(s): Apache server - Updated: 06/24/2007

    Death Prediction Script
    Death Prediction Script predicts your age and time of death. It brings you website traffic and attracts customers to check their age for fun. The script includes a set of researched data to provide the prediction. It tells you both at what age you will die and how much time you left for your life. You may incorporate Google Adsense and other advertising system to the script and start gaining profit straight away. FEATURES: 1/ Easy installation, you just need to upload the script to the server and run the script under root or subdirectory. 2/ The script has two skins, all two of them will be included in the script package. 3/ No MySQL required

    Price: $8.99 - Platform(s): Apache PHP - Updated: 06/24/2007

    Pick a Proxy Script
    Pick a Proxy Script attracts customers to repeatedly visit your website to pick a proxy server for surfing. With this Script, you do not need to run a Proxy server in your website but still can provide proxy server services to your customers. USES OF PROXY: Proxies are commonly used for several reasons: 1/ Security, it disguise user's IP address on the web. 2/ Load balancing. 3/ Data caching in order to reduce bandwidth demands, and censorship or filtering. 4/ Filtering proxies insulate users from objectionable elements of Webpages such as cookies, ad banners, dynamic content like Javascript, Java Applets and ActiveX controls. 5/ Some anonymous proxies encrypt users Web communications, protecting them from routine monitoring or even dedicated surveillance. Pick a Proxy Script operated by offering customers a list of proxy servers. Customers will be happy to visit your website repeatedly to gain access to different proxy servers. FEATURES: 1/ No maintenance required; 2/ Input form to accept listing request from proxy websites 3/ Admin panel can: a/ control the scrolling speed of the listed proxy websites; b/ list all proxies; c/add a proxy; 4/ Built-in IP address checker, it tells immediately user what their IP is; 5/ Adsense ready. 6/ Accept featured proxy servers to gain revenue 7/ Clear and concise installation guide. (MyDLstore product)

    Price: $19.99 - Platform(s): Apache server - Updated: 06/24/2007

    Live TV Script
    Live TV Script pulls live television streaming video from other websites. It also enables you to add videos from websites such as youtube, dailymotion and veoh. FEATURES: 1/ All channels are hosted in other websites. It only consumes limited bandwidth in your website. 2/ Adds videos with only embed code from any video sharing site 3/ Adds also youtube/dailymotion/veoh etc videos 4/ Gain money from Google Adsense or other banner advertisings. 5/ Admin panel can add as many channels as you want, delete channels. 6/ Easy to create new skins using basic HTML or image editing software.

    Price: $15.99 - Platform(s): Apache server - Updated: 06/24/2007

    39 Logos Collection (with resell right)
    Design a logo may cost you as high as $99 in the market and you may need to wait 3 or more days for its completion. With this logo collection, you can save a lot in terms of time and money. This is a collection of 39 quality logos in .psd file format. You can make your own logo instantly by adding your own text to it with image editing programme such as Photoshop, Fireworks or Gimp. It is suitable for logo designers or webmasters who need to find a logo for their websites. Master Resell Rights included.

    Price: USD4.99 - Platform(s): Not Listed - Updated: 01/01/2007

    Mobile Entertainment Content Ringtone Script
    This is a mobile entertainment content website script with automatic database update. It enables you to earn commissions through sales of ringtone, wall paper, logo and games. It is fully stocked with 1000s of ringtones, wallpaper, logos and games. FEATURES: 1/ Fully automated with self updating content. Works on autopilot; 2/ Sales are automated and instantly delivered by text or WAP to the customers phone; 3/ Your customers can create their own ringtones and wallpaper, using online content creators on your website; 4/ Easily change colours and fonts of the website by editing only ONE file; 5/ Insert your affiliate username into ONE file and start earning monthly commissions from all sales; 6/ Commissions are paid to you monthly, straight into your bank account; 7/Multi currency support. Customers simply select their country and pay by text, phone, credit card; 7/ Readily search engine optimized to help your website rank in the search engines; 8/ NO database required.

    Price: USD8.99 - Platform(s): Unix/Linux Server - Updated: 01/01/2007

    Entertainment Media Sharing (Youtube Similar) Script
    This Entertainment Media Sharing Script is a fully developed state-of-the-art CMS website script that clones the concept of the famous It is 100% hand coded. How it works is that people upload and share their original video/pictures/games media with their friend or people worldwide. Popular media may spread among friends quickly.

    Price: USD89.99 - Platform(s): Apache, PHP, MySql - Updated: 01/01/2007

    Keyword Analyser
    This is an instant keyword research tool which allows you to spot good potential markets quickly and easily. By installing this script, you can attract customers repeatedly visiting your website and hence tremendously boost your traffic. Features: 1/ Install it on one domain or one hundred and one domains (no restrictions); 2/ pay no monthly fees to access the data. (It's on your sever) ; 3/ keep it as your own personal 'secret' research weapon; 4/ offer access to your members or subscribers to it on your site; 5/ install the 1 file script (without editing) via FTP in less than 10 seconds; 6/ find popular search terms from the overture database; 7/ use single keywords or key phrases. 8/ see hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly numbers of estimated searches then compare the number of searches to the number of 'Results' found in Google for those exact keywords; 9/ check out the results on the screen or print out for your records. 10/ you do not need to edit any files; 11/ you do not need to create databases; 12/ you do not need to set file permissions.

    Price: USD8.99 - Platform(s): n.a. - Updated: 11/30/2006

    300+ Web Design Templates
    This is a collection of 300+ web design templates with master resell rights. You may sell them individually, in groups or resell our complete package. This template package featuring over 300+ instant web design solutions for: web consultants, web designers, template store owners, hosting companies, resellers, newbies and anyone looking for a unique product that includes master resell rights that you can use to generate new income from right away!

    Price: USD4.99 - Platform(s): n.a. - Updated: 11/30/2006

    Domain Information Script
    This script allows you to check a domain information in respect of its inbound links, indexed pages, directories, page rank in the Google, Yahoo, MSN, Technorati, Digg etc. It is a great informational tool for directory and any webmaster related websites. Features: 1/ Checks current inbound links, indexed pages, directories, page rank in Google, Yahoo, MSN, Technorati, Digg, etc; 2/ the script displays the domain information by pulling information on any domain you enter in; 3/ no database is required 4/ no configuration is required; 5/ easy customize with existing content of website 6/ just upload the files and go, simple and easy to install.

    Price: USD12.99 - Platform(s): n.a. - Updated: 11/30/2006

    PHP Scripts Listings
    Total:  27Displaying: 11 - 20Pages: << 1 2 3 >>

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