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    Contact Email Form
    Contact Email Form : This is release 3, it's a cleaner rewrite that organizes the code better for less expeirenced php users. Creates a php email form which allows a website viewer to send an email to the owner of the website from a form. This php script is useful for contact pages.

    Platform(s): PHP BSP; - Updated: 06/19/2005

    Harlem Designs Mailer
    Harlem Designs Mailer : Harlem Designs Mailer is a very easy to install formmailer. Just upload the files to your server. This mailer script lets you choose between text or html format. No need for mySQL. You can also use Cc and Bcc.

    Platform(s): WINDOWS; BSP; LINUX - Updated: 06/19/2005

    ezMail : Within 100 lines of code, ezMail contains both interface and processing modules for a form mail which is ready to be placed on your website. The zip file that you will download includes 3 versions for your step-by-step study. However, you need just one file ezmail-3.php for your ultimate form mail.

    Platform(s): PHP BSP; - Updated: 06/19/2005

    EZ FormMail
    EZ FormMail : EZ FormMail a very simple, yet very powerful form to e-mail processor! Some of the main features include: Unlimited fields, referer checking, e-mail validation, option to have required fields, can set default recipient+subject, or change them on the form, displays submitter's information, redirects to URL of your choice upon success, and much more!

    Platform(s): ALL BSP; - Updated: 06/19/2005

    JForm : This form, made by JScripts is a simple and flexible contact/feedback form.. please check our website for more scripts!

    Platform(s): WINDOWS; BSP; UNIX; SP - Updated: 06/19/2005

    Dynamic Contact Form
    Dynamic Contact Form : DCF stands for Dynamic Contact Form. DCF allows you to point any HTML form to the DCF generated script and receive the contents via email. No hassles, just results. To use DCF, all you have to do is configure it with your customized values via the one step install script, and point your form to DCF submission page, and you're all done.

    Platform(s): N/A BSP; - Updated: 06/19/2005

    Form to Email with Attachment
    Form to Email with Attachment : This script features HTML email, Attachment file upload, HTML editor in only one form and your visitor can send an email directly via a form. Very easy to use. Also, you can configure the max size of file and banned file's type for server security. New version fixed few bug.

    Platform(s): PHP BSP; - Updated: 06/19/2005

    flobee's Feedback
    flobee's Feedback :

    Platform(s): WIN/UNIX BSP; - Updated: 06/19/2005 : This is a form processing script. It is very easy to install and there is no mysql involved. The customization may be the hard part.

    Platform(s): UNIX BSP; - Updated: 06/19/2005

    SXD Contact
    SXD Contact : This script will take user input via a form and email it to you. Uses a domain check to make sure form is being submitted from your domain. Also email validation and stamps each meassage with the senders remote host variable. Easily customizable to integrate into your website.

    Platform(s): WINDOWS; BSP; LINUX; BSP - Updated: 06/19/2005

    Form Processors Listings
    Total:  190Displaying: 81 - 90Pages: << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 >>

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