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    Description: This slide presentation covers COCOMO, and COCOMO II. Author(s) : Dave Srulowitz, Mike Bandor and Vic Helbling

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  • Calibrating the COCOMO II Post - Architecture Model
  • COCOMO II Model Definition Manual
  • 10. Quantifying Soft Factors
  • The COCOMO 2.0 Software Cost Estimation Model
  • The Rosetta Stone Making COCOMO 81 Estimates Work with COCOMO II
  • 'Why COCOMO Works' Revisited or Feedback Control as a Cost Factor
  • Parametric Cost Estimating Handbook
  • Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • Foreword
  • Chapter 1 Introduction, Background, and Definitions
  • Chapter II Collection and Normalization of Parametric Data
  • Chapter III Elementary Statistical Techniques and CER Development
  • Chapter IV Hardware Cost Modeling
  • Chapter V Software Parametric Cost Estimating
  • Chapter VI Auditing Parametric Estimates A Management Viewpoint
  • Chapter VII Business Applications of Parametric Estimating
  • Appendix A Definitions of Estimating Terminology
  • Appendix B Work Breakdown Structure
  • Appendix C DCAA CAM 9-1000 Section 10 Review of Parametric Cost Estimates
  • Appendix D More About Statistics
  • Appendix E Examples of Other Hardware Estimating Models From the Space Systems Cost Analysis Group
  • Appendix F Some Currently Available Software Estimation Products Produced by the Software Subgroup of the Space Systems Cost Analysis Group
  • Appendix G Parametric Estimating System Checklist
  • A Review of Studies on Expert Estimation of Software Development Effort
  • Cost Estimation and Evolvability Monitoring for Software Evolution Processes
  • Large Limits to Software Estimation
  • Requirements - based Estimation of Change Costs
  • Software Cost Estimation
  • Software Estimation Perspectives
  • Software Project Estimation
  • The Cost of Co-ordination in Software Engineering
  • The Limits of CBR in Software Project Estimation
  • Value Based Software Engineering
  • An Architectural Approach to Software Cost Modeling
  • An Assessment and Comparison of Common Software Cost Estimation Modeling Techniques
  • Experiences Using Case - Based Reasoning to Predict Software Project Effort
  • Modern Empirical Cost and Schedule Estimation Tools A DACS State-of-the-Art Report
  • Predicting Software System Development Effort Very Early in the Life - Cycle Using IDEF0 and IDEF1X Models
  • Report on Project Management and Software Cost Estimation Technologies
  • Sizing Software with Testable Requirements
  • Software Cost Estimation with Incomplete Data
  • Software Development Cost Estimation Approaches - A Survey
  • Chapter 13 Software Estimation, Measurement, and Metrics
  • Resource Specification
    Date Added:10/08/2005
    Last Updated:10/08/2005

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