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    Description: This article on project estimation includes the following topics: four basic steps in software project estimation, working backwards from available time, understanding an estimate's accuracy, the trouble with estimates, maintenance and enhancement projects vs. new development, estimating small projects, estimating a "new domain" project, some estimating tips, and software project estimation tools. Author(s) : Kathleen Peters

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  • Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • Foreword
  • Chapter 1 Introduction, Background, and Definitions
  • Chapter II Collection and Normalization of Parametric Data
  • Chapter III Elementary Statistical Techniques and CER Development
  • Chapter IV Hardware Cost Modeling
  • Chapter V Software Parametric Cost Estimating
  • Chapter VI Auditing Parametric Estimates A Management Viewpoint
  • Chapter VII Business Applications of Parametric Estimating
  • Appendix A Definitions of Estimating Terminology
  • Appendix B Work Breakdown Structure
  • Appendix C DCAA CAM 9-1000 Section 10 Review of Parametric Cost Estimates
  • Appendix D More About Statistics
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  • Resource Specification
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    Last Updated:10/08/2005

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